Are you interested in learning more about Reiki in Connecticut?

Finding a Reiki practitioner in Connecticut has never been easier. I am pleased to be offering Reiki and essential oils to the Northeast Quiet Corner and beyond. Reiki is synonymous with well-being and addresses imbalances on a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental level. Combining Reiki with essential oils can produce a very calming and healing effect that benefits the mind and body. During treatment, essential oils can be diffused into the air or applied directly to the skin. Reiki is a natural way to help reduce stress and promote healing in all areas of your mind and body. It is not a religion nor do you have to believe in it to benefit from its healing energy. Reiki is typically performed with a gentle, hands-on approach that helps move energy within your body although actual touch isn’t necessary. Therefore, Reiki sessions can be done long distance or even performed on a stressed animal that doesn’t want to be touched. Reiki for both people and pets is gentle and non-invasive so it will not cause discomfort or pain. Animals respond intuitively to Reiki energy, which can help heal a variety of physical and emotional ailments.


Aroma therapy consists of diffusing essential oils or applying them to the body. I use therapeutic grade essential oils, which can be safely applied to the skin. Applying the oils onto the skin allows it to enter the bloodstream achieving maximum benefits and helping the body restore itself to a natural balance. Aroma therapy triggers nerves in the nose that send impulses to the brain that control memory and emotion. The concept is quite simple. Smell is hard-wired to our brain and makes lifelong connections. Aromas can instantly transport you back in time or cause emotional reactions.


How do you know if Reiki and essential oils are right for you? Is stress interfering with your ability to manage your daily routine? Physical and emotional stress can take its toll on every aspect of your body and manifests itself in a variety of ways. Reiki and essential oils work naturally with your body and not against it. Together they help you recharge your battery so you can optimize your ability to deal with stress and environmental factors that can affect your overall well-being. Although Reiki and essential oils yield powerful benefits on their own, combining them enhances your overall experience. They are both safe and healthy ways to promote a sense of emotional peace and physical wellness at any age. Reiki and oils also complement traditional medicine so there is no concern for adverse effects. Reiki and essential oils can benefit anyone wanting to understand how minds and bodies work together.












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