Everyone has their own style of reading cards, and I feel this applies to me as well. Some people believe in this form of divination while others don’t and that’s okay. What I want you to know and feel comfortable with is that I have thought long and hard about the ethical obligations I have with every reading. I will never suggest that any reading will predict your future or is set in stone. It is merely a snapshot of your energy that I am feeling at the time of the reading. I believe that we are all capable of realizing our own intuitive abilities. If I can assist you in tapping into to your own energy, I am more than happy to guide you there. I am also a firm believer in prayer and the power it grants us whenever guidance is sought. Listen to yourself and trust what is given.

I have a rather free-style approach to my readings, so it is likely that no two readings will ever be quite the same. I like to use a variety of decks at each reading because it tends to create a picture or a theme that often resonates better with the client. I may also incorporate stones or psychometry if I feel the need to but it is not a routine part of my readings.

Readings typically last about 30 minutes.


courtesy of Cassandra Santori


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