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“A woman is like a teabag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her into hot water.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

About me

Training and Qualifications

Certifications and Credentials

Reiki Master Teacher

Intuitive Life Coach

Aromatherapist and Herbalist

Intuitive Card Reader

Writer and Author

Meditation and Mindfulness

Ordained Minister

QPR Gatekeeper for Suicide Prevention

JoAnne Lussier


Created and facilitated Mindfulness Program for students in grades 5-8

Taught program for Girl Power: Energy Healing, Chakra Awareness, and Self-Esteem Building

Continental Who’s Who 2014

VIP Woman of the Year Circle 2014

National Association of Professional Women

Featured in Women of Distinction Magazine 2015

Quote contributor in Best-Seller: Soul-Hearted Living by Debra Reble – 2019

Contributing author in Best-Seller: 365 Soulful Messages by Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck – 2019

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Resilience is a word I’ve learned to embrace.  Shortly after turning 29-years-old, I became a single mother when my marriage dissolved and shattered my whole world. My parents were divorced when I was about twelve, and I was repeating a cycle I believed would never happen to me.  It was a very traumatic time in my life, but I was determined to show my young daughters a strong, single woman versus a weakened, married one.  I was a stay-at-home mom and suddenly had to re-enter the work force. Becoming a special education paraprofessional allowed me the ability to work the same hours that my children attended school. I soon realized that teaching was something I enjoyed and was born to do. It helped shape my purpose in life long before I was even thinking about having one. I was making a positive difference in the world despite what I was conditioned to think about myself. Working with children has been a unique privilege for me. While I was guiding them to embrace their individual needs and gifts, I was also led to find my own.  

In 2009, my life took another unexpected turn forcing me to start over yet again. This time, however, my spiritual path was taking shape. My children were older, so I was fortunate to have time to focus on myself and explore life. I started taking personal development classes, and I carved out time to be creative, learn about holistic health, and connect with nature as much as possible. The more I experienced, the more committed I became in pursuing the things in life that contributed to my well-being and resonated with my spirit. 

Another passion that has shaped the course of my life is my love of animals.  All pets provide us with unconditional love but others go beyond that and bless us with their ability to touch our souls and gently guide us in the direction of our destiny. The Willow Connection is named in honor of my cat, Willow, whose untimely death opened my heart to the healing power of Reiki.

Willow guided me in spirit toward my intuitive ability to work with energy and offer healing to people and animals. Upon receiving my certification as a Reiki Master Teacher, I went on to acquire various certifications that have helped me evolve into the healer, coach, and teacher I am today. I will forever be a student of life by continuing my quest for knowledge so that I may be of service to others.

At this point, you may be asking yourself how my story has any relevance to you. The short answer to this question is that I AM like you.

I’ve struggled with my own perception of failure, which caused me to sink into depression. In those dark moments, I contemplated giving up but found the love I felt for my daughters was stronger than any of my weakest moments. I have loved and lost and had to accept the lessons it taught me. As a giver, I sacrificed my needs thinking it was the right thing to do only to realize that it perpetuated the very things I was trying to avoid. The list goes on because that’s life. The blessing in all of  this is that I wouldn’t be me had I not experienced these painful moments. My weakness has become my strength. I understand how to connect with people because I don’t sugar coat my dark side or pretend not to see yours. It’s what makes us real and adds depth to our character. Some of the most beautiful souls I know are those who have embraced their struggles with poise and gratitude.  Nowadays, I choose to navigate life through heart-centered awareness, and I can help you experience life that way as well if you are ready to do the work that comes from an inside job.