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“Embrace your Becoming. Like a seed buried in the darkness, your soul’s purpose is drawn to the light so it can blossom into beauty.”

~ JoAnne B. Lussier


Welcome to The Willow Connection

JoAnne Lussier

A little about me...

Nothing is more powerful than a woman who has risen from the ashes with fire in her veins.

Hi, my name is JoAnne and I’ve been waiting for you. Like many other women, life got in the way of my “happily ever after” resulting in a traumatic divorce that conjured up every feeling of failure imaginable.  My dreams and aspirations had to be put on hold as I learned how to navigate life as a single mother while also trying to heal my broken heart and spirit. Fast forward a couple decades and here I am, stronger than ever and sharing my experiences to help other women find their light out of the darkness so healing and happiness can begin.

Finding Reiki was an incredible turning point in my life and has given me the strength and direction my soul needed to find purpose and meaning amidst life’s twists and turns. My business has its roots in healing and all my services enhance self-discovery and well-being on a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical level. I help women reclaim their sense of self-worth while navigating their way through loss, transitions, and unhealthy relationships.  Join me on a journey of soul discovery and empowerment. I look forward to serving you. 

Intuitive Coaching

You're not crazy. Being sensitive is nothing to be ashamed of. You're worthy of being loved and feeling joy.


Reiki is energetic healing and has a profound ability to address imbalances within the mind and body.


Inner wisdom has a language of its own. Discover how your own spiritual communication serves to guide you along your life path.