“It’s impossible, said pride. “It’s risky, said experience. It’s pointless, said reason. “Give it a try,” whispered the heart.” ~ Unknown


Is Intuitive Coaching A Right Fit For You?

Have you been told you’re crazy and too sensitive?

Are you a caregiver always putting your well-being on hold to serve others?

Do you feel broken like a puzzle with missing pieces?

Are you struggling to find meaning in your daily life?

Do you feel stuck at a job that no longer serves your greatest good?

Do you repeat patterns of unhealthy relationships?

Are your priorities and personal boundaries out of balance?

Do you crave joy and a sense of peace?

Do you have a relationship with failure because you’ve been led to believe you deserve it?

Are you constantly settling for less than you deserve to make others happy?

If you are nodding your head and saying, “Yes, that’s ME,” then I urge you to take your power back and align yourself with the support system you need to create the life you deserve. 

Why invest with me?

  • Intuitive Coaching is unique in the sense that I will connect with you on an energetic level to determine what guidance serves your highest healing and greatest good.  I do not subscribe to a one-size-fits-all method.  Each client will have a personally tailored experience to optimize results.
  • My style of coaching is like me: simple and heart-centered.
  • My technique is empowered by tapping into your subconscious beliefs so that self-discovery becomes a tool you can utilize to navigate every aspect of your life.
  • Each session is fortified with an infusion of Reiki energy and spiritual guidance readings to strengthen your energy field, heal past trauma and limiting beliefs, and recapture the essence of who you are meant to be.

Why a genuine connection matters:

My approach is fluid, energetic, and down-to-earth. Everyone is unique and that is how I will interact with you. Each session will be based on the personal needs, learning style, and targeted goal of each individual client. Once we determine what direction you wish to take, I will create an energetic map addressing the key factors you will focus on to take the necessary steps towards your goal. It will be a journey taken together, and I will act as your personal GPS as you navigate the challenges you’ll face on the path to self-discovery and change.

So, what does this mean for you? Whether you are looking for a one-time session to validate a decision you are making, struggling to find meaning along your life path, or contemplating a major life shift, I will bring clarity to your life vision and comfort to your heart. My intuitive healing approach will guide you along the next steps of your personal evolution. 

Personal Investment ... because you're worth it!

Investing in a personal upgrade to enhance the quality of your life is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself. How much money are you willing to spend on quick fixes or instant gratification only to be reminded it doesn’t make you happy? What do you think that has cost you already?

There’s a better solution…

Coaching investment = X amount of dollars

Time investment  = X amount of hours

End results = Priceless

There is no excessive commitment with me as your coach. Why?  Because sometimes life gets in the way and plans need to change. I get it.

I offer my clients flexibility when choosing what feels right to them. You can purchase a one-time session as needed or a personalized package suited to your personal needs. Together, we will determine what is best for after you have completed the Coaching Questionnaire. 

One-time sessions are popular with clients who are looking for feedback or direction from an unbiased source or when a supportive nudge is needed for clarity and motivation. 

Packages are ideal for on-going support and guidance while working toward your goals. 

Payments are non-refundable and call may be rescheduled once if necessary. A 24-hour notice is required for cancellation or appointment is forfeited. 

*Coaching sessions begin at $147.00 and appointments are limited.