“At the center of your being you have the answer. You know who you are, and you know what you want.” ~ Rumi


What is a Sacred Alignment Reading?

It is quite common for people to use the words spirit and soul interchangeably. However, I believe they are two very different aspects of our being.  Our spirit is omniscient and infinite. It is the essence of who we are and can never die. Our soul is the physical form our spirit takes to manifest itself as a living being on Earth. We are essentially a spirit opting to have a human or animal experience in a physical world. We all know stories of children being wise beyond their years or can “see and know” things that can’t be explained. This is because they are closer to Source energy and have not yet been tainted or disillusioned by human influence and time. As we get older, our connection to Spirit or Source energy becomes muted and hazy. We don’t quite trust our intuition anymore because society has reduced our gut instincts to unreliable and unintelligent sources of information.

We are all spiritual beings. We are each born with the ability to connect to our higher self for guidance, strength, and wisdom.  I have been doing readings since 2009 and my spiritually-guided style has evolved over time becoming what it is today. I use a variety of decks to create a picture or theme that clients can easily identify with and trust as authentic inner guidance.  Since my readings are geared toward expressing your inner truth, validating what your subconscious already knows, and discovering your sacred path, I encourage the querent to be an active participant in the reading. By engaging in your own reading, you are no longer a passive participant waiting for someone to tell you what the cards mean to you.  Active engagement not only amplifies the energy and clarity of your reading but serves to initiate you into your own intuitive journey. Each reading will guide you along your spiritual path of mindfulness, forgiveness, self-worth, gratitude, and growth.

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Sacred Alignment Reading - FAQ

  • I read intuitively and connect energetically with you and your cards
  • Up to five decks are used in a full reading
  • Traditional spreads are not used
  • Patterns and themes create visual clarity
  • Querent participation is encouraged
  • I do not engage in fortune-telling of any kind

A Sacred Alignment reading is an energetic mosaic of your actions, thoughts, and feelings.  Just like a piece of art, multiple decks are used to piece together a picture revealing patterns and themes in your energy field. This energetic blueprint allows you to visually understand what your subconscious already knows but has been denied or misunderstood. Once recognized, you choose how the information will be used to guide you. Seeing what your energetic map looks like will help realign your internal compass toward your greatest good and highest healing.  

I do not subscribe to fortune-telling, predicting one’s future, or reading cards at face value. Although cards have general meanings, each card is unique within a reading. While no two readings are alike, it’s possible for common threads to manifest should the message be similar in nature. Intuition remains the driving force behind my interpretation of the cards.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night. You’re sleepy but need to get up for a drink of water. You try salvaging your “sleep-mode” as much as possible by maintaining a squinted gaze. You get out of bed and start making your way through the dark room. You’re familiar with this room, so you decide to navigate your way in the dark instead of turning on a light, which could wake you up. As you begin feeling your way through the room, your eyes adjust slightly but you bump into a piece of furniture and stub your toe. Feeling the discomfort, you lose your balance and trip over your shoes on the floor causing you to knock your cellphone off the nightstand. At this point you are exasperated and find the light switch on the wall. You turn on the light to assess the damage. Not only have you hurt yourself but you have broken several things that will cost you time and money to replace because you thought you were comfortable making your way in the darkness with your eyes half closed.

Most of us are fumbling our way through life in the dark assuming we know more than we actually do. Sacred Alignment readings help us out of the darkness by shedding light on what needs our attention allowing us to minimize our pain and discomfort and maximize our time, energy, and resources. 

  • This is a personal choice and varies depending on client preference and/or life circumstances. I recommend having a full reading every six to twelve months.  Eliminating old patterns, changing thoughts and behavior, and achieving goals requires time and effort. It is a mindful process and should not be hastened if lasting results are desired. Too many readings in a short period of time will create overwhelm and confusion. 
  • If you are inclined to book multiple readings, you may benefit from my coaching services as well. I combine readings into my coaching packages. 
  • Having a reading with the change of seasons is beneficial for staying on task, setting new goals, or shifting gears if changes are necessary. 
  • Targeted readings can be helpful when you are feeling stuck and clarification is desired.

Disclaimer:  As a general policy, I do not engage in fortune telling. All readings and advice are understood to be for entertainment/informational purposes only. I personally believe this type of reading is a spiritual expression and sacred art.  I approach every reading with a moral code of ethics and as a tool for self-expansion.