365 Soulful Messages

Thanksgiving Blessings

JoAnne Lussier
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Count Your Blessings

While I think it’s important to practice gratitude every day, Thanksgiving is a day when the global heart shifts into a higher vibration of mindfulness. We are all a bit more thankful for what we have during the holiday season. We count our blessings with an increased level of consciousness.

I am especially grateful this Thanksgiving for the opportunity to come together with over 200 like-minded writers to share our stories with the world. Eager to consume the wisdom that awaits me on each page of 365 Soulful Messages, it comes as no surprise that our individual experiences aren’t so unique or solitary. How many times have you listened to someone tell their story and felt their emotion as your own?

 It’s easy to get caught up in our own drama. It plays with our mind giving way to a sense of isolation and overwhelm. Focusing on our blessings shifts a negative attitude into positive energy. It helps open our heart and mind to the love and light that we forget belongs to all of us. The five stories I shared in 365 Soulful Messages are reminders that blessings are often disguised as adversity, loss, and heartache. Given enough time to heal, you will always find a lesson to be grateful for that imparts wisdom for the future.

Sometimes we get stuck so the Universe nudges us in the right direction. Perhaps it’s An Unlikely Friendship that supports you during a dark period in your life. Maybe it’s about a critical moment of Broken Silence that promotes healing and empowerment. Could it be you were Touched by Love when a new pet entered your life as a reminder of unconditional love? Have you become so busy “adulting” each day that you feel like a puddle of Melted Crayons and you need to take a step back and remember who you are? Or maybe you meet a tender soul who gives you Wings to Fly.

Nothing happens by accident. Signs are everywhere if you take the time to listen with your heart, see with your mind, and feel with your soul.